How do I get in touch with a Support Representative?

To submit a question or to report a problem with an Axxis Software production environment, a client can contact Axxis Software Support by the two communication methods mentioned below. Email (We are available 24/7 for clients) Call 1-800-833-8870 Ext. 1 (In the event that lines are busy, please leave a voice mail message with your [...]


How do I get on-boarded as a customer?

After contract signature, an Axxis Professional Services Project Team will be assigned to a Customer for the lifecycle of the implementation. The Axxis Account Executive sends an email to the Client Project Sponsor, introducing the Axxis project team, which may consist of a Client Services Manager, Implementation Consultant and/or a Solution Architect. As part of our [...]


How do I get the software installed and up and running?

The Professional Services Project Team provides project management services to oversee the delivery of our software. Client Services Managers will manage all project resources, schedule tasks, manage issues, mitigate risk, report on project health and perform change management as needed. The Implementation Consultant and/or Solution Architect is responsible for the installation, configuration and training of the [...]


Can your software be customized?

Yes, one of our core competencies is tailoring our already feature rich software to meet your business needs. We have developed a formal process to identify your customization needs and deliver a solution in a timely and cost-effective manner.


I am a branded fuel wholesaler – how can Axxis Software help me?

Axxis has all the tools you need to be a more profitable branded fuel marketer. Our applications can electronically capture your fuel prices, credit card memos, non-fuel invoices and other documents such as mystery shop results. We can improve your sales by helping you provide the value-added services branded dealers expect. The Private Markets web portal [...]

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