Real-Time Fuel Tank Inventory Management

Inventory Management provides real-time tank level visibility across multiple sites and facilitates easy ordering to ensure tanks don’t run dry. Precise inventory control also allows users to take advantage of dips in pricing by timing purchases based on market conditions.

The Inventory Management module integrates with the Private Markets desktop component to automatically send orders to internal dispatch or 3rd party carriers though email or secured web portal for seamless order fulfillment. It also offers leak detection monitoring compliance reporting.

Tank Inventory Detail


  • Queries designated ATGs via telnet, dial-up and other methodologies per preset schedule
  • Integrates with other systems, including POS and billing systems, for direct access to sales data
  • Provides summary and detail site inquiry
  • Comprehensive reporting including volume, average usage and water level with alerting
  • Integrates with Private Markets web portal to provide real-time visibility to your dealers and sites
  • Uses projected sales volumes and pricing data from Price Management to support optimal purchasing decisions
Tank Inventory Chart