Professional Services

Axxis Professional Services are dedicated to providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to get the most from your information technology solutions.

Axxis focuses on providing comprehensive technology solutions to our clients utilizing proven and efficient methodologies. Our services include: applications consulting, integration with your existing applications, data conversion, training, implementation, custom development and GO Live support. Our industry best practices, software expertise and products offer you the best choice of outside support in the realization of your objectives and help you to produce measurable operating benefits.

Our professional services staff has a rich and diverse range of industry, technology and application expertise. We have detailed application and technical knowledge and understand the interrelationships and dependencies between applications, organizations and stakeholders. Axxis business and technical consultants are ready to help you integrate our software and data into your business operations. Our consultants can assist and guide your operations personnel from the initial implementation to full production.

Axxis is your partner for automation and innovation. We work with you to leverage technology to drive your business forward without disruption.

Software Implementation Services – Vision to Value Methodology

All Axxis Software deployment projects are executed using the Axxis proprietary Vision to Value Implementation Methodology, which defines the methods and procedures used to plan for, manage, execute and deploy software and services.

The complete deployment lifecycle is performed in three stages, executed in a serial fashion, as highlighted by the diagram above: Plan, Deploy and Leverage.   Depending on the customer’s business objectives, deployment scope and functional priorities, the three stages can be executed in a cyclical fashion to deploy functionality, modules, services and/or data in multiple phases.

To minimize unexpected outcomes and user adoption issues upon deployment, three checkpoints are embedded throughout the deployment to validate requirements, design and general project progress with the core project team. These checkpoints are performed at the conclusion of the Plan, Deploy, and Leverage phases. At these junctures, Axxis and the customer review appropriate deliverables/progress and provide signoff, acknowledging acceptance so the project can proceed to the next stage of the life cycle. The checkpoints also serve as a forum to address potential project risks and review proactive risk mitigation techniques to support an effective and successful deployment of the Axxis solution.

Up to three workstreams occur in parallel throughout the three deployment stages of the project, depending on the needs of the customer. These work streams include: Project Management, Change Management and Data Buildup. Each workstream brings focused attention and skill sets to specific on-going activities throughout the duration of the project lifecycle.