Track and Monitor Fuel Supply Contracts

The Axxis Contract Manager module automates the capture, management, tracking and reporting of contract volume performance and provides information to ensure you are complying with your fuel supply contracts.

The Contract Admin process allows you to quickly configure tracking, including suppliers, terminals, products, dates, volumes, etc. and allows you to smooth it by period or tailor each period.  You can also establish any performance penalty parameters for forecasting and tracking.

Once the contract commitments and parameters are established, you simply identify the source of the volume data and the system will automatically capture and tally the designated fuel movement transactional data sources (deliveries, supplier BOLs and supplier invoices) for each contract. This will fine tune the real-time view of your performance on various supplier contracts by period and provide forecasting for upcoming performance and potential penalties.


  • Track volume obligations and monitor contract performance
  • Forecast projected performance during a specified period
  • Track penalties for under/over performance
  • Automate capture of volume data from multiple data sources (BOLs, fuel invoices and fuel deliveries)
  • Configurable dashboard provides min/max, forecasted and contracted volumes, plus variances between them