PriceRite Automates Daily Gasoline & Diesel Price Importation

PriceRite integrates with the Price Management module to automate the pricing build-up and customer quotation process. It provides fast and convenient price deliveries by group or individual customer and eliminates the need for manual entry while avoiding costly data entry errors.

The PriceRite application imports daily prices in an electronic format directly from Price Management. The built-in flexibility makes it easy to react to volatile markets with tools like Mass Margin Maintenance, which facilitates temporary and permanent margin changes quickly. It also provides tables for centralized set up of carrier and surcharge rates.


  • Price file integration with Price Management and other pricing systems and sourcing
  • Internal cost structure modeling allows for inclusion of overhead, transportation and required margin
  • Customer-specific pricing enables base cost establishment and variations by customer
  • Mass Margin Maintenance simplifies margin adjustments for individual customers or by groups
  • Choice of tailored messaging formats by customer, by product or by location including mobile device format templates
  • Multiple delivery methods including email, fax, mobile device, FTP, social media and company-branded website or dealer portal
  • Download the PriceRite and NotifyRite fact sheet for more information.

NotifyRite Streamlines Daily Price & Message Notification

NotifyRite is a reliable and cost-effective price and message notification system that facilitates instant two-way communications with current and prospective customers. It makes daily challenges, like intraday price moves, easy to manage.

The NotifyRite module integrates with the PriceRite application and, in a split second, delivers daily prices, invoices, EFTs, credit card memos, eBOLs and other transactional documents electronically via email, text messaging or secured web portal.

Also available is Axxis Notification Outsourcing. This messaging service offers you and your pricing and sales team a secure environment with full control of customer set up, maintenance and price quotation. Then Axxis takes care of handling the message delivery.


  • Automated receipt and import of prices from PriceRite and other pricing systems
  • Automatically deliver customer/site specific daily and multi-daily price notifications
  • Supports different notification needs including prices, newsletters, commentary and other information
  • Supports different delivery needs including, email, fax, mobile phone and secured web portals
  • Customizable and individually tailored HTML notifications
  • Support of up to three specialized and two general price message formats
  • Deliver compressed pricing message instantly to customers/sites or sales team with mobile device price message delivery
  • Supports customer notifications of terminal issues, supply outages and other broadcast messages
  • Download the PriceRite and NotifyRite fact sheet for more information