Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Pricing Solutions

Any organization purchasing fuel knows that visibility into daily market pricing is crucial to validating supplier postings and discovering new opportunities to maximize margins.

To see the bigger picture in the gasoline and diesel market, you not only need current market prices, but access to historical data to analyze trends, pinpoint new markets, prepare for contract renewals and better plan for future volatility.

Axxis data solutions provide crucial decision support information for thousands of customers every day including: major oil companies, jobbers, marketers, industry analysts, bio energy companies, associations and government organizations including Defense Logistics Agency. Price data is used to:

  • assess the best purchase options
  • benchmark trades
  • set prices or re-price
  • manage pricing volatility
  • forecast pricing trends
  • analyze historical market conditions
  • evaluate the competitive landscape

Tools like the Daily Price Service help you assess your best fuel purchase options, benchmark trades and evaluate the competitive landscape.

The Historical Price Service gives you the ability to manage fuel pricing volatility, forecast pricing trends and analyze past market conditions.

Our self-service, fully integrated tools help you keep your business moving forward and our professional services and content experts are there to answer any question you may have along the way.

Daily Price Service Automation Solutions Include

Daily Price Service – tailored market reporting delivered to you every day for only the markets and products you need

Historical Price Service – provides you with the data you need to perform analysis using either your own or Axxis tools

Self Service Price Data Warehouse –access to historical pricing via a self-service web portal available 24/7

Axxis Anywhere BI Analytics – provides dashboards focused on critical current and historical pricing information, so you can take advantage of pricing opportunities for your buy plan and while negotiating long-term supply deals