Centralized Fuel Order Management & Dispatch

The 2017 SIIA CODiE Award winner for Best Logistics & Supply Chain Solution, Fuel Order Management and Dispatch (FOMD) provides a centralized order entry and dispatch management application to streamline the fuel ordering to delivery process and provides users real-time visibility via a secured web portal. Users have complete control over the dispatching process by examining site-sourcing rules and real-time prices to provide best-buy recommendations for load assignments. Product and source point options are easily adjusted to maximize margins.

The Fuel Order Management & Dispatch components integrate with Price Management, PriceRite and Private Markets to create a tailored workflow based on process and notification needs. Integrated workbenches enable greater control over logistics, including inventory status/forecasting, alerts/notifications, fuel sourcing and dispatch status.

Approved customer orders containing product, quantity and destination information are updated in real time for customer viewing on the secured web portal and information on completed orders can be quickly passed to back office systems for invoicing.


  • Real-time automatic source recommendations to minimize cost and maximize profitability
  • Real-time pricing ensures every price is valid and current
  • Site rules can be established with supplier, product and carrier parameters to provide tailored, site-by-site sourcing recommendations with override options
  • Full integration with other modules streamline the process and ensures accurate information to make best buy and load assignment decisions
  • Fuel Order Management provides automatic creation and electronic delivery of dispatch tickets to internal and external 3rd party common carriers
  • Two-way communication with common carriers and in-house drivers via mobile technology

Axxis Software Fuel Order Management & Dispatch: Best Logistics & Supply Chain Solution