Daily and Historical Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Prices

Axxis has been providing pricing services to the downstream petroleum industry since 1991. Rely on our fuel prices to help assess the best purchase options, benchmark trades, set prices, forecast trends, analyze historical market conditions, evaluate the competitive landscape and so much more.

Choose from the following pricing formats:

Daily Price Services

Axxis is a trusted provider of daily price reports to organizations across the entire petroleum industry, posting over 37,000 US and Canadian prices representing 320 plus unique products for over 175 suppliers at 1,200 terminals. Pricing reports can be customized to include petroleum products, ethanol products, biofuels, aviation fuels or all. View a complete list of Axxis product coverage here.

The Axxis Daily Market Watch report is available on a rack by rack basis, in pre-bundled regional packages or in custom bundled packages. We also provide several state/regional specific tailored reports. View Wisconsin Fair Market information here.

To address the increasing demand for renewable pricing information, Axxis also offers various bio-focused reports including: ethanol state average reports, pre-bundled ethanol “Cornbelt”, ethanol blend and biodiesel packages. These packages provide daily pricing and weekly averages for ethanol and biodiesel at hundreds of terminal cities throughout North America.

Timing and Format

Axxis processes more than 37,000 unique prices daily, with price changes posted to our database at the time they become effective, including midday changes. Axxis data is available as early as 6:00 AM CT and can be delivered at multiple intervals so that you are provided with all morning, afternoon and evening updates. Axxis creates a Contract Average for benchmarking at approximately 10:00 AM CT.

Reports can be provided in a variety of formats for both daily and weekly contract average analysis. Choose from the following delivery options:

  • Internet
  • FTP
  • Email
  • MS-Excel
  • Fax

Quality Control

In addition to our highly effective data collection practices, we run stringent quality checks on the pricing data to offer the most accurate information available. With about 99.9% of our prices gathered electronically — untouched by human hands — our time-tested price collection and quality assurance methodologies ensures complete and accurate wholesale market data.

View Sample Reports

Historical Price Service

Axxis current and historical price database dates back to 1997 and our analysts review several million prices a day in order to ensure we provide the most accurate and complete data. Our historical database contains over 165 million records, which can be provided in as-needed reports loaded into your own Axxis Price History Warehouse or accessed via our online portal.

Your historical price report can be customized to your specifications and delivered via email or fax – you choose the locations, products, suppliers and format you want and we will create a report that allows you to analyze your markets and competition quickly.

Axxis price history by the numbers

View sample historical reports:

Self Service Price Data Warehouse

Our 24/7 Self Service Price History web portal reporting service allows you to access the pricing information you need whenever you need it – just point, click and select the exact report you need and it will be delivered instantly to your desktop.

Tailor to your specific pricing needs, including:

  • Flexible date range selection
  • Supplier, locations, terminals/racks
  • Select from over 320 different fuel types
  • Format options: daily detail, high/low, weekly contract average, 7-day moving average, quarterly and annual averages
  • Delivery options: fax, MS-Excel, FTP, etc.
  • Simple and flexible payment options: pay-as-you-go, prepaid bundled package or a flat rate fee based on your search criteria