Easily Manage Delivery & Billing Information

Too often jobbers are forced enter the same fuel transactions over and over because their order management, dispatch and billing systems are not integrated. The process of keying transactions multiple times is inefficient and leaves you vulnerable to costly and time-consuming errors. Having to issue credits or rebills takes you away from other critical tasks, delays payment and irritates your customers.

Many billing systems lack the flexibility needed to price fuel invoices from a variety of sources and methods. The Invoice Writer module is designed to accept fuel deliveries for automated billing from many sources. It can construct a fuel delivery record from electronic transactions automatically imported by our CaptureRite module and managed in the TransactionRite module.

If you deliver your own fuel, the fuel delivery records required for billing are automatically available from the MobileRite in-cab module. The Fuel Order Management & Dispatch (FOMD) module allows you to easily update the planned delivery with actual delivery information required for billing when electronic documents are not available and the fuel was delivered by a common carrier. This seamless integration between orders, dispatch and billing will increase your efficiency and decrease billing errors.

The Invoice Writer module also offers the ability to set rules to tailor the pricing of your customers fuel invoice. The billing module supports:

  • cost plus pricing
  • pricing from a quote
  • using the low quote regardless of where the fuel is pulled
  • pricing based on the actual cost plus margins
  • pricing from a benchmark
  • pricing from a specified rack

You can even set a rule to price from the higher of a specified rack or actual cost. These pricing options allow you to make flexible customer agreements in order to protect your fuel margins.

The EFT Writer program gives you complete control over the credits you apply to each dealers invoices. This flexibility allows you to match your drafting policies to the credit risk of each dealer.

If you need the billing to occur in your back office or accounting program, our TransactionRite module can export fuel delivery records in the format you need.

Delivery and billing automation solutions include:

Invoice Writer – assembles customer and transaction data to prepare flexible invoices and draft notices for automatic delivery via a variety of methods

CaptureRite – fully configurable scheduled capture of all your pricing from a variety of sources

TransactionRite – streamlines the reconciliation process by capturing, normalizing and storing transactional data

MobileRite – automate your dispatch and delivery process and fuel movement paperwork flow using secured wireless tablet technology

Fuel Order Management & Dispatch (FOMD) module – examines site sourcing rules and real-time prices to provide best buy recommendations and load assignments