Document and Transaction Management for Fuel Distributors and Wholesalers

Wholesalers, jobbers and petroleum marketers spend considerable resources collecting, matching and filing fuel delivery and other documents. Once you finally match and file away the piles of paperwork, they are often of little use to your automation efforts and are difficult to find. This manual effort can result in inaccurate or delayed billing to customers and muddle your understanding of your complete financial performance.

The CaptureRite module helps eliminate the amount of time spent manually collecting and entering prices and transactions by instantly downloading transactional data from a variety of sources.

The TransactionRite module can automatically translate, normalize, match and archive your transactional documents, eliminating hours of labor intensive paperwork processing – allowing you to improve efficiency by focusing only on exceptions and outliers that require your attention. After the documents have been matched, they are archived in a central repository so you can analyze and easily export or publish data to dealers or back office accounting systems, as well as our Axxis portal.

Once the documents are compiled, you can use the Invoice Writer to accelerate and automate the invoicing and billing process.

Axxis tools can manage a variety of fuel transaction documents, including:

  • Supplier invoices
  • eBOLs
  • EFTs
  • Credit card memos
  • Freight invoices
  • Allocations
  • Chargebacks
  • Loyalty/gift cards
  • Fleet card transactions
  • Mystery Shopper results

Transaction Management solutions include:

TransactionRite – streamlines the reconciliation process by capturing, normalizing and storing transactional data in a centralized database

CaptureRite – fully configurable scheduled capture of all your supplier and partner transactions from a variety of sources

Invoice Writer – assembles customer and transaction data to prepare flexible invoices and draft notices for automatic delivery via a variety of methods