Capture, Aggregate and Normalize Fuel Pricing and Billing Data

Gathering data is the critical first step of streamlining your fuel management process. If you don’t have consistent and accurate data at your fingertips, you can’t make informed decisions. But, capturing the data from multiple sources can be an incredibly time consuming and manual process – and then once you gather the information, making use of it can be an even bigger challenge.

The CaptureRite module can capture any data you require provided it is in an electronic, consistent and machine-readable format – and it can be scheduled to occur automatically as frequently as you need. Data can be captured from a wide variety of sources, including supplier/carrier websites, emails, satellite feeds, FTP sites and more.

Rely on our automated tools to capture all types of information, including:

  • Fuel prices
  • Fuel supplier invoices
  • Credit card memos
  • Freight invoices
  • Electronic bills of lading
  • Mystery shop results
  • Non-fuel invoices
  • EFT notices

Once the data is captured, it is aggregated, normalized and can be utilized by any number of other systems, including other Axxis modules and your back office accounting program.

Capture & Data Aggregation solutions include:

CaptureRite – fully configurable scheduled capture of all your pricing from a variety of sources

Price Management – automates the collection, normalization and assembly of rack, spot and other pricing data from various suppliers

TransactionRite – captures, normalizes and stores transactional data in a centralized database