Automated Fuel Pricing & Sourcing Solutions

Managing fuel prices from your suppliers is complex — price collection, price record normalization, outages, contract calculations and many other issues complicate the fuel price management process.

Suppliers communicate price changes via their website, an email or an electronic file, but getting this critical information to the decision makers in your jobbership in a timely manner is often a manual and inefficient process.

The challenge for petroleum marketers is to automate the capture of the fuel prices on a prescribed schedule and normalize all of the identifiers in the fuel price file to consistent terms. CaptureRite helps normalize the records to consistent terms so you can easily compare apples to apples.

Rely on software tools like Price Management to compare and analyze the prices for you. Is the fuel price from a recent post or is it a carry forward of an old price? Is the price from a supplier that is out of fuel at a terminal? Is this the lowest price available, including freight, for a site? Let our powerful automation solutions do the work for you.

Are some of your prices derived from contract agreements that must be calculated? Maybe prices are based on the average of other fuel prices at a terminal? ContractRite is designed to provide this information quickly and easily.

Pricing & Sourcing automation solutions include:

CaptureRite – fully configurable scheduled capture of all your pricing from a variety of sources

Price Management – featuring side-by-side comparison of all your prices for sourcing purposes so you can determine a true best buy

ContractRite – for automatic calculation of any contract or derived price for sourcing and customer pricing

Axxis Anywhere BI Analytics – provides daily price moves in a heat map visual, as well as detailed historical pricing views, which allows you to compare supplier prices in a particular market

Contract Manager – automates the tracking of contract volume performance to ensure you are compliant with your fuel supply contracts