Fuel Supply Allocations Management

The Axxis Allocations Management module provides real-time visibility of fuel supplier allocations to help you manage allocations under any circumstance, including unforeseen supply interruptions. The tool can be integrated with CaptureRite to automate the capture, normalization and translation of allocations from supplier websites. Once the data is assembled in the database, you can adjust the allocation amount, type, period and supplier GPO to reflect any necessary changes.

In addition, through integration with TransactionRite, the system allows you to capture supplier BOLs to validate the supplier reported allocation amount against real-time lifting information for a more up-to-date view of your fuel allocations.

A series of flexible and easily configurable reports provide high level and detailed views of both current and historical allocation information. The module stores pertinent fuel allocation information, including supplier, terminal, product, allocation period, nominated volume, min/max variance %, min/max allocation volume and more. Coupled with the proven Axxis pricing engine, you’ll have complete visibility into your primary and alternative sourcing points for maximum flexibility.


  • Automatic capture of prices, EFTs, credit card transactions, invoices, eBOLs, allocations and other electronic transactions to eliminate manual entry errors and provide more efficient automation
  • Complete audit trail provides a detailed account of all price and data capture activities for historical referencing
  • Automatic routing to Price Management and TransactionRite for normalization and translation reduces overhead costs by streamlining the process
  • Self-updating supplier web-based scripts and download utilities – even when suppliers make changes to their websites