Fuel Data Business Intelligence Analytics

Axxis Anywhere BI Analytics is an integrated, cloud-based Business Intelligence tool powered by Birst that helps you easily drill into all of your enterprise fuel data so you can make better decisions about your fuel purchases. Navigate large and complicated data sets – regardless of source or format – and leverage market data analysis, predicative analytics and deal risk analysis to increase revenue and optimize your profitability.

Watch the quick video below to learn more about Axxis Anywhere BI Analytics.

Get critical market pricing analysis at your fingertips while you build your daily fuel buying plan, plus stay on top of market changes so you can adjust accordingly. This flexible tool provides a big-picture look at your entire business, with the capabilities to drill into specific data sets in order to make timely, accurate and profitable fuel buying and selling decisions.

Visualize data and implement consistent metrics across your entire organization using the interactive and easily customizable dashboards, including:

  • Today’s Fuel Prices Dashboard – get critical pricing analysis while you build your daily fuel buying plan. The heat map shows up-to-the-minute price moves at the terminal level and filtering options allow you to drill down and view full pricing detail for all your suppliers and products at each market and rack.
  • Historical Price Analytics Dashboard – visualize and analyze your wholesale pricing history to uncover patterns and discover how your suppliers are performing over time and in relation to market prices.
  • Contract vs. Rack Dashboard – combines pricing and volume information so you can make the best price sourcing decision while factoring in volume commitments and availability.


  • Interactive filtering and drill down abilities allow you to tailor information to your specific business needs and quickly focus on the most important data
  • Instantly access frequently used filters with bookmarks and favorites
  • Access data and reports from anywhere with our cloud-based system, including your mobile device
  • Notification feature allows you to schedule mobile updates so you can swiftly take advantage of market changes
  • Flexible exporting capabilities include MS Excel, PDF and other types of data export