Success Stories

Case Study: Coleman Oil

Discover how a leading provider of fuels and lubricants replaced an in-house workaround using the time-saving Axxis platform. Axxis provided Coleman with a single source for price collection and put an end to manual entry for price quoting and notification. As a result, Coleman now uses the time they save in gathering and distributing pricing to focus on analysis and strategic planning.


“Pilot has used Axxis software for over a decade.  To stick with a software product for that amount of time, given all the changes that have occurred in the petroleum industry, demonstrates a product that has been continually refined, enhanced, and above all… WORKS!  We have found the support staff at Axxis to be knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, and prompt to address any concerns we might have.”

David A. Dobbins, Director – Supply & Distribution, Pilot Travel Centers LLC

“We wanted a source that was a proven vendor with a good reputation for delivering solutions. You can try building your own if you have a whole team of information technology folks and want to do it. We found it was better to buy rather than build. Axxis was the right match.” said Meek, who uses AXXIS’ CaptureRite product to pull in pricing data from a variety of suppliers’ Web sites, FTP sites, satellite messages and e-mails. He then uses AXXIS’ Price Management to “normalize” the data by putting in uniform columns (87 with midgrade, etc.) and making it easy to do comparative analysis and discover the best buy options, Meek says. Finally, he uses AXXIS’ PriceRite module to automatically add taxes, freight and a margin to his buying price so he can send then out to his dealer and commercial customers through independently branded and secure Web portals, faxes, or e-mails. Added benefit to his retailer customers: They are also allowed to go back through the Axxis portal to view their price history.

Although Meek hasn’t yet counted up the man-hours he’s saved by automating his pricing, he expects that in a few months those benefits will be very clear, both in cost reduction and in using the software to add new business.

“A big growth area for us is government fleets. Martin Eagle has grown to pretty much own the Dallas-Fort Worth government fleet business,” Meek said. “Axxis sets us up to grow even more,” he said, as he can now quote prices to fleets easily every day with the click of a button.

Bill Meek, Comptroller, Martin Eagle

“I would like to express my appreciation. Farm & Home Oil Company made an investment in Axxis when we decided to work with you on a Price Rite product. Previously we were distributing prices to our customers in many varied methods. I was looking for a system that could handle all of our commercial business, under one roof. Axxis provided this for us.

The energy markets have become increasingly volatile. With that, there is a need to get as close to “real-time” pricing as possible. With the Price-Rite product we have taken a step closer to that end. We no longer have prices on the street that are two days old. The Price-Rite product has enabled us to be priced competitively every day, and at the same time limit our exposure in quick moving markets. All of this was achieved as we were saving money with the costs of transmitting our prices. Our year one cost savings amounted to $5,000. In future years that savings will be about $15,000 annually. I really love when I save money and get a better product. Thanks go to the Axxis team!”

Rod Derstine, Vice President Supply & Distribution, Farm & Home Oil Company