Quoting & Notifying

Effectively quoting fuel prices to your customers and prospects is key to building your jobber business. However, providing customized fuel quotes can be time consuming and complex. Some customers want their price to include items such as taxes and freight separately, some customers want to include everything in the quoted price and other customers may want to include all components on a quote but see each component as a separate line item. Depending on the customer, they might want quotes delivered via fax, email, ftp file or as a professionally formatted XML message.

As a jobber, your sales and margins will improve if you consider a wide variety of prices in order to build up your quote. It may be in your best interest to quote the lowest rack price, a benchmark, the x number from the lowest price, the average of a basket of prices or a vast number of other possibilities. Trying to determine this manually can be a nightmare, but PriceRite can help automate and expedite the process.

You can tailor the message, pricing and delivery method by customer or prospect. The NotifyRite solution allows you to send company branded messages via pdf or text, with additional options for language localization. Integrating with the Private Markets platform gives you the flexibility to post price quotes and other alerts online where your customers can access them in a secure environment.

Quoting & Notifying solutions include:

PriceRite – automates price build-up and quotation by providing tailored pricing on a customer-by-customer basis

NotifyRite – provides instant two-way communication of price and messaging notifications

Private Markets – facilitates information flow on a customer-by-customer basis