Automate the Fuel Ordering Process

Recording fuel orders seems like it should be a simple task to automate, but when each customer requires a different method for placing their orders, an otherwise straightforward function can become complicated.

Some fuel customers want their supplier to determine their fuel needs for them based on projected inventory levels. Other customers want to manage their own fuel inventory and place an order as needed – via a website, an electronic file of orders or simply call in a fuel order.

Customers expecting the jobber to manage the fuel inventory may have one site or hundreds of sites. Fuel Order Management & Dispatch (FOMD) can be configured to suggest fuel orders and source hundreds of loads at once.  Understanding tank levels is critical for precisely timing fuel purchases – the Inventory Management module provides real-time visibility so you can accurately assess current product levels.

The Private Markets module provides your customers with an easy to use web-based tool to place fuel orders. Then, the FOMD module offers your team the ability to review and approve or decline orders received from a variety of sources.

Ease of entry is the key for recording called in fuel orders. If your sales people are writing down orders and then manually entering it into the system following the phone call, you are wasting time and leaving yourself vulnerable to mistakes. Even the most complex called-in orders can be easily entered in just a few keystrokes using Axxis tools.

The most powerful and efficient order management application is not effective unless it is integrated with the dispatch and billing function. FOMD is designed to seamlessly pass orders to dispatch and fulfilled loads to billing.

Order automation solutions include:

Fuel Order Management & Dispatch (FOMD) – examines site sourcing rules and real-time prices to provide best buy recommendations and load assignments

PrivateMarkets – provides a secure, self-service dealer/site portal for posting of prices, alerts and transactions, plus offers customers a secure site to place and monitor orders

Inventory Management – offers real-time tank level visibility to facilitate fuel ordering