Customer Specific Secure Web Portals

Private Markets is an open web platform that provides petroleum suppliers, resellers and marketers with a sales tool to facilitate communication and business with their customers. Publish customer-specific secured web portals that are fully configurable so that each user has real-time visibility of their tailored and filtered current and historical data set.

Customers can provide you with data such as online fuel orders or inventory stick readings and can be set up to place orders directly through the portal and monitor real-time status changes as orders flow through the approval and fulfillment process.

The open design of the Private Markets Web Portal allows you to post and integrate information from:

  • Axxis applications – price quotes, alerts, order and delivery detail
  • Supplier websites – credit card memos, mystery shopper reports, etc.
  • Back office accounting systems – invoices, draft notices, etc.

A mobile-ready dealer communications platform is also available — Mobile Private Markets provides the information that resides on the Private Markets Web Portal, in addition to tailored volume alerts and mobile reporting.


  • Secured customer-specific login facility to control customer data filtering and feature permissioning
  • Real-time customer price publishing
  • Historical price quote visibility to eliminate customer price check call-ins
  • Alert and announcement broadcasting with notification control by customer
  • Ability to integrate/link with your existing site or have Axxis host it