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Axxis has been providing highly respected Market Data services to the downstream petroleum and bio-energy industries since 1991. With about 99.9% of our prices gathered electronically — untouched by human hands — our time tested price collection and quality assurance methodologies ensures highly accurate wholesale market data.

Our current and historical price database dates back to 1998, includes nearly 90 million records and grows by about 34,000 unique records daily. Our analysts review several million prices a day in order to process only unique data.

Why Use Axxis Market Services:

  • to assess the best purchase options
  • to benchmark trades
  • to set prices or to re-price
  • to manage pricing volatility
  • to forecast pricing trends
  • to analyze historical market conditions
  • to evaluate the competitive landscape

Customers select Axxis because we do more than just provide data – our entire team stands as a resource to you. When you have a question or need assistance, our professional services and content experts are there not only to help you find the answer but also to keep your business moving forward.

Who Uses Axxis?

Axxis solutions provide crucial decision support information for over 1,000 customers every day from major oil companies to jobbers and marketers to government organizations like the Defense Logistics Agencies and the Defense Energy Support Center.

Find out how these organizations use Axxis:


Axxis Daily Price Service and Historical Price Services:

Daily Price Service - As an Axxis Daily Price Service subscriber, you will receive our highly respected Daily Market Watch Report delivered electronically on your desktop every morning with the information you need at the time you need it.

Historical Price Services - Access Axxis’ extensive repository of petroleum and bio-energy data throughout North America in a snap. Get the information you need quickly through two convenient options:  

  • Contact Axxis to run your custom search for you within 24 hours

  • Our 24-7 Self Service Price History option prompts you to search on dates, suppliers, racks, fuels, and provides the data in your desired output format.

Axxis Market Data Solutions provide you with the valuable decision making tools you need to make better informed decisions for your organization. The data you want, when you want it, and how you want it ... that's the Axxis way of doing business.


Call us today at 800-833-8870 or email sales to learn how our market
data can provide you with the critical information you need to grow your business.

View Axxis Coverage
by state, PADD (Petroleum Account Defense District), Canadian, or propane listings.


Our Data Warehouse coverage of over 90 million records grows by 34,000 unique records daily and includes roughly:

1,200 terminals

430 rack cities

375 products

200 suppliers

About 99.9% of prices are gathered electronically, reducing errors significantly.

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