How can Axxis help me find the best supplier prices available?

Axxis has been providing software tools to help companies discover all supplier prices since 1991. Our proven data capture, normalization and archiving software centralizes all of your pricing including: rack, market, mid-day, benchmark, contract, splash blend, TVAs, delivered costs and bulk plant pricing. Having a real-time view of all your supply prices in one place helps [...]


How can Axxis help me get paid more quickly?

Nothing slows you down from getting paid more than billing errors or not having the right credit cards on your customer's draft notice. Your suppliers are going to take your payment for fuel out of your bank account regardless of how long it takes you to collect from your customer. Axxis provides the tools you need [...]


How can Axxis help me manage all my fuel transaction documents?

Matching and filing your bills of lading, delivery tickets, supplier fuel invoices and freight invoices is a time-consuming but necessary process. The worst part is not being able to find the information when you need it. Our applications capture these documents, match them together and provide the tools to make this information available at your fingertips. [...]

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